Shapes & 3D Shapes

Shapes & 3D Shapes

We offer the full floral foam design collection together with a bespoke floral foam shape service to meet the needs of even the most creative florist. 

To discuss your individual bespoke floral foam shape please ring 01772 333005 and speak to our sundries team.

Bespoke floral foam shapes take 3 days from order to delivery.

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Double Note2x2
Double Note 59cm x 43cm ..
Acoustic Guitar 3x1
Acoustic Guitar 90cm x 29cm ..
19" Foam Horse Shoe
19" Foam Backed Horse Shoe (480mm) For use as a funeral tribute and for f..
Bottle 3x1
Bottle 89cm x 30cm ..
Northern Star 2x2
Northern Star 60cm x 60cm ..
Tractor 3x2
Tractor 90cm x 70cm ..
Single Kiss 2x2
Single Kiss 60cm x 60cm ..
Paintbrush 2x2
Paintbrush 61cm x 54cm   ..
F1 Racing Car 3D
F1 Racing Car 3D 92cm x 26cm x 20cm ..
Angler 3x2
Angler 90cm x 58cm ..
Beer Tankard 3D
Beer Tankard 3D 19cm x 28cm ..
13" Horse Shoe
Foam Backed Horse Shoe 13" (315mm) shape With quick saturation and low drainage, th..
Five Point Star 2x2
Five Point Star 60cm x 60cm ..
Handbag 2x2
Handbag 58cm x 51cm ..
Dog 2x2
Dog 60cm x 60cm ..
Sitting Rabbit 3D
Sitting Rabbit 3D 20cm x 36cm x 42cm ..
Horse's Head 2x2
Horse's Head 60cm x 59cm ..
Tennis Racket 3D
Strings on the Racket are not included Tennis Racket 3D 60cm x 30cm x 18cm ..
Double Kiss 3x2
Double Kiss 90cm x 60cm ..
Shield 2x2
Shield 60cm x 52cm ..
Five Point Star Small
Five Point Star Small 36cm x 36cm ..
Motorbike 3D
Motorbike 3D 76cm x 23cm x 46cm ..
Pipe 3x1
Pipe 89cm x 30cm ..
Vacant Chair
Vacant Chair 3D 56cm x 27cm x 20cm ..
Paint Palette 3x2
Paint Palette 90cm x 60cm ..
Watering Can 2x2
Watering Can 60cm x 60cm ..
Football Shirt
Football Shirt 60cm x 60cm ..
Dog 3D
Dog 3D 20cm x 40cm x 39cm ..
Golf Bag 3x1
Golf Bag 90cm x 29cm ..
Kunda 2x2
Kunda 60cm x 60cm ..
Motorcycle Helmet 2x2
Motorcycle Helmet 54cm x 38cm ..
Dolphin 3x2
Dolphin 90cm x 60cm ..
Pint Glass 2x2
Pint Glass 44cm x 60cm ..
23" Tall Teddy
23" Tall Teddy Also available as a short teddy, 3D sitting and standing Teddy. ..
Fleur De Lys 2x2
Fleur De Lys 59cm x 47cm ..
Pint Glass 3D
Pint Glass 3D 18cm x 28cm ..
Standing rabbit 3D
Standing Rabbit 3D 20cm x 35cm x 43cm ..
Pigeon 2x2
Pigeon 55cm x 30cm ..
Shamrock 2x2
Shamrock 60cm x 59cm   ..
Owl 2x2
Owl With Stand 60cm x 30cm ..
Aeroplane 3x2
Aeroplane 3D 90cm x 60cm ..
Single Note 2x2
Single Note 37cm x 39cm ..
Football On Pitch 3D
Football On Pitch 3D 30cm x 30cm x 33cm ..
Mini Car 3x1
Mini Car 90cm x 30cm ..
Boxing Gloves 2x2
Boxing Gloves 57cm x 49cm ..
Cat 3D
Cat 3D 20cm x 35cm x 48cm ..
Car Hatchback
Car Hatchback 75cm x 35cm ..
Spade 3x1
Spade 83cm x 26cm ..
Football Boots 2x2
Football Boots 60cm x 58cm ..
Pram 3x2
Pram 90cm x 60cm ..
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