Floral Foam

Floral foam is a basic ingredient for a professional florist. We supply wide range of florist floral foam in all shapes and sizes and for every occasion. In addition to the tradition floral foam bricks, shapes, rings and tributes we offer an extensive range of 3D shapes. We can also provide bespoke 3D shapes - please ring 01772 333005 for more information.


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Foam Filled Letter A
Foam Filled Letter A ..
Dart 3x1
Dart 90cm x 28cm ..
HGV Lorry 4x2
HGV Lorry 120cm x 60cm ..
Football Scarf
Football Scarf 90cm x 30cm ..
12" Foam Backed Wreath Ring (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed  Wreath Rings 12" (302mm). Ideal for floral display work and..
Flat Bed Lorry 3x2
Flat Bed Lorry 90cm x 55cm ..
Flag 3x2
Flag 74cm x 56cm ..
Bottle 3D
Bottle 3D 60cm x 15cm ..
10" Foam Backed Posy Pad (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed Posy Pads 10" (260mm) ..
GWR Train 3x1
GWR Train 89cm x 30cm ..
Rose 2x2
Rose 60cm x 60cm ..
10" Plastic Foam Backed Ring (2)
Pack of 2 Plastic Backed Foam Rings 10" (250mm) Ideal for centre pieces and wreaths flower d..
Caravan 3x2
Caravan 90cm x 60cm ..
Cat 2x2
Cat 60cm x 39cm ..
Tea Cup 3D
Tea Cup 3D 22cm x 22cm ..
15" Foam Backed Heart (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed15" Hearts (392mm) With quick saturation and low drainage, the..
Daffodil 2x2
Daffodil 60cm x 60cm ..
Sailing Boat 3x2
Sailing Boat 90cm x 60cm ..
Oval Wet Bouquet Holder (3)
Pack of 3 oval wet bouquet holders for medium to very large bouquets. ..
15" Foam Backed Pillow (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed Pillows 15" (352mm) With quick saturation and low drainage, these ..
Saw 3x1
Saw 88cm x 22cm ..
Teapot 2x2
Teapot 61cm x 50cm ..
19" Foam Horse Shoe
19" Foam Backed Horse Shoe (480mm) For use as a funeral tribute and for f..
Fish 3x1
Fish 90cm x 30cm ..
Bird 3D
Bird 3D 30cm x 18cm x 30cm ..
Spanner 3x1
Spanner 89cm x 23cm ..
14" Foam Backed Wreath Ring (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed Wreath Rings 14" (357mm). Ideal for floral display work such..
Telephone 3x1
Telephone 60cm x 60cm ..
Mobile Phone 3x1
Mobile Phone 90cm x 30cm ..
Floraboard  610 x 610mm
Floraboard  610 x 610mm ..
15" Foam Backed Cushion (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed Cushions 15" (397mm) foam With quick saturation and low ..
Countess Bouquet Holder (4)
Countess Bouquet Holder Features and Benefits Extra large, caged floral foam head enables e..
Hammer 2x2
Hammer 60cm x 60cm ..
Thistle 2x2
Thistle 60cm x 60cm ..
14" Foam Backed Posy Pad (2)
Pack of 2 Foam Backed Posy Pads 14" (357mm). Ideal for floral displays and centre piece..
Cocktail Glass 2x2
Cocktail Glass 60cm x 60cm ..
Treble Clef
Treble Clef 90cm x 43cm ..
F1 Racing Car 3D
F1 Racing Car 3D 92cm x 26cm x 20cm ..
16" Foam Backed Wreath  Ring (2)
 16" Foam Backed Oasis Wreath Rings (405mm) Pack of 2 Ideal for floral fun..
Beer Mug 2x2
Foam Beer Mug 44cm x 57cm ..
Acoustic Guitar 3x1
Acoustic Guitar 90cm x 29cm ..
12" Plastic Backed Wreath Ring (2)
Pack of 2 Plastic Backed Wreath Rings 12" (310mm). Ideal for floral displays, Christmas..
48" Foam Backed Cross (2)
48" Foam Backed Crosses  (1170mm) With quick saturation and low drainage, these foa..
7cm OASIS® Dry Wedding Belle (4)
Features and Benefits Slender, unobtrusive handle. Ivory coloured handle blends with all colo..
Key 3x1
Key 88cm x 30cm ..
Tractor 3x2
Tractor 90cm x 70cm ..
13" Horse Shoe
Foam Backed Horse Shoe 13" (315mm) shape With quick saturation and low drainage, th..
Wheelbarrow 3x2
Wheelbarrow 90cm x 60cm ..
Paintbrush 2x2
Paintbrush 61cm x 54cm   ..
Tennis Racket 3D
Strings on the Racket are not included Tennis Racket 3D 60cm x 30cm x 18cm ..
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