Marketing in a Recession

Peter H Smith joined forces last week with Marketing guru Marianne Cowdery, from Red Velvet Rope Club, to offer support and marketing advice to Florists through a series of workshops.

These were held here at the warehouse, and Marianne’s enthusiastic approach to helping customers improve their sales through simple marketing & money making tips proved inspirational to the florists that attended.

Amanda from ‘The Hanging Basket’ at Lancaster said that thanks to the workshops she had picked up two useful money making tips which she was keen to try out straight away!

In addition, Charlotte from Wilkinson’s Florist at Blackpool said that she was inspired by Marianne’s ideas, and will be putting them into practice as a result of attending the workshop!

Why don’t you add our website to your favourites and keep checking back to take advantage of the monthly marking advice that Marianne will be posting directly to our website?