An Inspiring range of glassware and vases from Martini & Cocktail vases, Goldfish and Bubble bowls to square and cylinder. Short and tall we stock them all.

Using fresh flowers, floral lights or deco beads you can produce some spectacular displays with our range of essential glassware.

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Lily Vase 70cm
Lily Vase Size: 70cm ..
Butterfly Hurricane
Butterfly Hurricane Colours available: Pink White Green You will be..
Martini Vase 70cm
Martini Vase Size: 70cm ..
Serena Hand Tied Vase Red
Serena Hand Tied Vase Colour: Red Size: 20x12.5cm Pack Size: 1 ..
Glass Cylinder 20x10cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 20x10cm ..
Fishbowl - D25x21cm
Fishbowl Size: D25x21cm ..
Cylinder Tank - Height 25cm, Diameter 9cm
Cylinder Tank - Height 25cm, Diameter 9cm ..
Round Mirror Plate Silver 25cm
Round Mirror Plate Size: 25cm Colour: Silver ..
Hurricane Cylinder with Rope Handle Large
Hurricane Cylinder With Rope Handles Size: 15.5x30cm   ..
Glass Cylinder 20x15cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 20x15cm ..
Lily Vase 80cm
Lily Vase Size: 80cm ..
Glass Bottle with Rope/Deco
Glass Bottle with Rope/ Deco Size: 10x20cm One supplied ..
Conic Vase
Conic Vase 40cm High ..
Glass Cylinder 25cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 25x12cm ..
Glass Cylinder 20x20cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 20x20cm ..
Bud Vase 15x5cm
Bud Vase Size: 15x5cm ..
Round Mirror Plate Silver 30cm
Round Mirror Plate Size: 30cm Colour: Silver ..
15cm Flared Vase
Flared Vase Colour: Clear Size: 15cm   ..
Glass Cylinder 25x12.5cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 25x12.5cm ..
Cylinder Bud Vase 25x4cm
Cylinder Bud Vase 25x4cm ..
Round Glass Ball 6cm (6)
Round Glass Ball Clear Pack of 6 Size: 6cm ..
Glass Vase with Rope Handle
Glass Vase with Rope Handle Size: 8.5x8.5x13cm   ..
Conic Vase
Conic Vase 60cm High ..
Glass Cylinder 30cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 30x12cm ..
White Tray with Bottles
Tray with Bottles 3 Bottles Colour: White Tray ..
Glass Cylinder 25x25cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 25x25cm ..
Bud Vase 20x5cm
Bud Vase Size: 20x5cm ..
Cylinder Bowl - Height 10cm, Diameter 17cm
Cylinder Bowl - Height 10cm, Diameter 17cm ..
Round Mirror Plate Silver 35cm
Round Mirror Plate Size: 35cm Colour: Silver ..
14.5cm Hyacinth Vase
Hyacinth Vase Colour: Clear Size: 14.5cm   ..
Glass Cylinder 30x12.5cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 30x12.5cm ..
Round Glass Ball 8cm (6)
Round Glass Ball Clear Pack of 6 Size: 8cm ..
Wire Basket With Hessian Bow - 1 bottle
Wire Basket W/ Hessian Bow 1 Bottle   ..
Conical Vase
Conical Vase Height:  100cm ..
Glass Cylinder 35cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 35x12cm ..
Slogan Lantern with Handle
Slogan Lantern with Handle Available with Home OR Sunshine slogan ..
Glass Cylinder 30x10cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 30x10cm ..
Bud Vase 30x5cm
Bud Vase Size: 30x5cm ..
Conical Vase
Conical Vase Height:  80cm Diameter: 11/14cm ..
Round Mirror Plate Silver 40cm
Round Mirror Plate Size: 40cm Colour: Silver ..
Pumpkin Hurricane Glass 17x18cm
Pumpkin Hurricane Glass Size: 17x18cm     ..
Glass Cylinder 30x15cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 30x15cm ..
Bubble Ball - Black - 21x24cm
Bubble Ball - Black - 21x24cm ..
Round Glass Ball 10cm (4)
Round Glass Ball Clear Pack of 4 Size: 106cm ..
Wire Basket With Hessian Bow - 2 Bottles
Wire Basket W/ Hessian Bow 2 Bottles ..
Glass Cube - H15x5cm
Glass Cube Size: H15x5cm ..
Glass Cylinder 40cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 40x15cm ..
Slogan Jar with Rope Small
Slogan Jar with Rope Available with Love OR Life OR Home slogan Size: 16.5..
Glass Cylinder 30x18cm
Glass Cylinder Size: 30x18cm ..
Jam Jar 1000ml
Jam Jar Size: 1000ml ..
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